Abele Residential Quad


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This main quad is the heart of student life and visitor activity on the Duke campus. Abele Quad encompasses the green expanse from the residential dorms and the Brodhead Center to the Chapel and the academic buildings. The lawn hosts various community events such as the annual Old Duke and LDOC concerts, the UNC game bonfire, the Springternational Fair, and various philanthropic functions. In September 2016, the quad was dedicated to black architect, Julian Abele, who served as the chief planner of the university campus from 1924 through the 1950s. Mr. Abele most famously designed the impressive Duke Chapel, the West Campus quads, Baldwin Auditorium, Cameron Indoor Stadium, and the Duke Medical School. Working in the segregated South, Mr. Abele and his vital contributions remained largely unrecognized until recent decades. On a sunny day, you can be sure to catch students tossing a disc among Abele's iconic Gothic buildings.


There are no charges for the Abele Residential Quad at this time.

Venue Information

Abele Residential Quad does require approval from CES and Grounds before an event can be approved. Reservation periods may be limited or restricted due to the status of the grass and other plants.